Privacy Policy(Update time: September 6th, 2015)

Copyright statement

1. DDbill Payment Co., Ltd independently owned all site-related web content copyright, or jointly with content provider owns the copyright and other intellectual property rights of web content, protected by law.

2. Without written permission of the company, for all or part of the contents on the company website, any entity and individual shall not in any way or reason to use, copy, modify, transcribe, transmit or mirror image on the server that is not owned by the company. Where an infringement of copyright and other intellectual property rights, the company will pursue its legal responsibility according to law.

DDbill Payment Co., Ltd hereby solemnly legal statement!

Trademark statement

1. Dinpay, a registered trademark of DDbill Payment Co., Ltd, protected by law, rights reserved.

2.Without the prior written permission of the company, any unit and individual shall not in any way or any part of the reason is the company trademark use, copy, modify, copy, spread. This company who infringe the copyright and other intellectual property rights, the company will investigate its legal liability legally.

DDbill Payment Co., Ltd hereby solemnly legal statement!

Privacy protection

DDbill Payment Co., Ltd (, hereinafter referred to as "Dinpay ") privacy statement is a commitment of Dinpay to protect the privacy of the user's personal privacy. In view of the characteristic of the network, Dinpay will inevitably interact with you directly or indirectly, to hereby declared that the policy of Dinpay to collect ,use and protect of the user's personal information should be carefully read:

1.The user non personal information

We will collect the non personal information through your IP address, such as your browser nature, operating system type, the ISP domain name to provide you with access services to optimize the page displayed on your computer screen. By collecting the above information, we also carry out passenger flow counting, so as to improve the site management and service.

2.Personal information

We will through your IP when you user registration at the Dinpay site or public forum and other activities, with your consent and confirmation, Dinpay will require you to provide some personal data in the form of registration forms, orders, etc. The personal data including:

• Personal identification data: such as name, gender and age, date of birth, ID card number (or passport number), telephone, correspondence address, address, e-mail address etc;

• Without your consent and confirmation, Dinpay will not use the information you provided to participate in the special activity at the website for other purposes. However, according to the following provisions of article sixth based on government and legal requirements to disclose is not limited.

3.Information security

Dinpay will take strict management and protection for the information you provided, Dinpay will use the corresponding technique, to protect your personal data from lost, stolen or been altered.

4.User rights

You have the following rights for your personal information:

• The inquiry and request to read at any time ;

• The request of supplement or correction at any time ;

• Request to delete at any time;

• Request to stop computer processing and utilization.

5.The principle of restriction using

Dinpay only in line with one of the following conditions can use the collected personal data beyond its necessary range:

• Have your written consent;

• In order to remove the imminent danger of your life, body or property;

• In order to prevent significant harm to the rights of others;

• To promote the public interest and harmless to your major interests.

6.The disclosure of personal data

When the government organs in accordance with legal procedures require Dinpay disclosure of personal data, Dinpay will according to the requirements of law enforcement agency or for public safety purposes to provide personal data. Any disclosure in this case, Dinpay was not responsible.

7.Public forum

Dinpay provides you with a trading forum. In these areas, any information that you publish will become public information. Therefore, we remind you that it is necessary to consider the necessary to disclose your personal information in these areas.

8.Juvenile privacy protection

• Dinpay will establish and maintain a reasonable program to protect the privacy and safety of minors personal information. Dinpay solemnly declare: any minors under 16 years of age to participate in online activities should be in advance by their parents or their legal guardian (hereinafter referred to as the "Guardian") of verifiable consent.

• Guardians should assume the primary responsibility of protecting the privacy of minors in the network environment.

• Dinpay collected the personal data of minors is only for the purpose of response to the specific request of the minors, reply finished is deleted from the record and not keep the information for further use.

• Without the consent of the guardian, Dinpay will not use, nor disclose or transmit the personal information of minors to any third party. The purpose of the collection of the name of the guardian or the minor or other network communication is to obtain the consent of the guardian, Dinpay will delete the information from the record if has not been approved in a reasonable period of time.

• With the consent of the guardian, Dinpay can collect the personal information of minors, and Dinpay will provide to the guardian:

a. The opportunity to refuse the personal data of their children or wards to be further collected or used;

b. The opportunity to review the information collected from their children or wards;

c. The way to change or delete the personal data of their children or wards;

d. The right to refuse this website further contact with their children or wards;

e. Dinpay collect the personal data of minors, which is only used as a means of protecting the safety of minors involved in the network, rather than the use of other purposes. Dinpay assurance will not require minors to provide additional personal information as the conditions to allow them to participate in the online activities.


In addition to the above sixth provisions of exemption, the following circumstances Dinpay also not need to bear any responsibility:

• As your user password inform to others or share the registered account with others, which has led to any personal information leakage.

• Since any hacker attack, computer virus, the temporary closure of government control which affecting the normal operation of the network for force majeure lead to the disclosure of personal data leaked, lost, stolen or tampered with.

• The disclosure of personal information caused by the other sites linked to Dinpay and any other legal disputes and consequences.